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Meridians are the channels through which Qi (life energy) and blood flow. They regulate the body's qi and blood transport, and balance the body's important tissues and organs. If the meridians become blocked or constricted, then regulation of Qi and blood flow will suffer. Under such conditions, imbalanced and pathogenic Qi can easily invade the body and cause lesions in related tissues and organs. 

Acupuncture points are the nodes and junctures of the meridians. When a needle penetrates an acupuncture point, it will produce a feeling of swelling and soreness, and initiate a series of reactions in the autonomic nervous system, including increased blood circulation, stimulation of immune response, and secretion of endorphins which can reduce the mild pain of the needle.
Acupuncture seeks to remove blockages and imbalances in the meridians of the body so as to restore proper circulation of the Qi and blood, and stimulate the body’s own self-regulating, self-healing powers, which leads to a natural restoration of health and vitality. 

For every patient who comes to TCM 5 BALANCE, Dr. Yang will carefully check to see which meridians are blocked in the body, then rigorously formulate a treatment plan and choose the best acupoints to insert needles. According to Dr. Yang’s experience, 90% of patients with pain have improved within one to three treatments.

A Herbal Alternative to Needles:

Q: I suffer from pain but am really afraid of needles; can Dr. Yang also help me without inserting needles to my body?

A: Of course, Dr. Yang not only specializes in acupuncture but also in Chinese herbal medicine. So long as you are willing to take Chinese herbal medicine, Dr. Yang can still effectively help you solve your medical problems.