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Chinese Medicine in Pregnancy


  • Pregnant patient (18 weeks) with migraines and nausea

  • Treated with acupuncture only

  • Immediate improvement within three days of first treatment (no vomiting)

  • After a month of treatment nausea and migraines almost completely gone

This patient came to our TCM practice in Zürich at 18 weeks pregnant. She told dr. Yang she has been suffering from migraines. Pregnancy made the symptoms worse. Also, her nausea persisted during pregnancy.

We started treatment only with acupuncture on 20 January 2020. After three days she reported no migraine and only a little bit of nausea but no vomiting.

After a week she was still migraine-free and the nausea was very light.

At the most recent visit on 6 February she said her migraines and nausea were almost gone. We continue with acupuncture.


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