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Traditional Chinese Medicine looks holistically at the patient's symptoms.


These are the messengers from the body that a TCM doctor can analyze. He or she will check which organs and meridians are causing the problem.


What happens when you visit a TCM doctor for the first time?

He or she will look at your symptoms holistically. You will be asked about many aspects of your everyday health, such as the quality of sleep.

Then the doctor will do the diagnosis from your pulse. Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors are trained to identify health problems based on your pulse.

Another part of the initial assessment is tongue diagnosis. It may seem funny but the tongue can tell us a lot about the condition of the body.

If needed the doctor will also press your acupoints to see if they hurt. This will tell a lot about any blocks in the body which can be treated with acupuncture.

Do you have any questions about TCM treatment? Our TCM doctor Yang is here to help.