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A healthy person should have ample energy and vitality; if you suffer from low energy, there must be something wrong. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, low energy is common in people with insufficient Qi and blood. What kind of people will have insufficient Qi and blood?

  1. People who often sleep late (go to bed after 11 pm).

  2. People who don’t sleep well or don’t get enough sleep.

  3. People who lose too much blood (for example, some women lose a lot of blood during their period).

  4. People who eat an unbalanced diet.

  5. People who use electronic devices too much, are too sedentary, and don’t get enough exercise.

  6. People who have just undergone surgery.

The well-known ginseng is a good medicine for Qi deficiency. In addition to ginseng, we also have a lot of good Chinese herbal medicine to tonify the Qi and blood. Moxibustion is also helpful for this.


As a person’s energy level affects every aspect of life, for those who experience fatigue and low energy, TCM therapy can bring a major improvement to one’s quality of life.

Low Energy According to TCM