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Common Women's Health Problems

Menstrual Disorders

  1. Menstrual delay or early onset

  2. Abdominal pain during menstruation

  3. The amount of menstruation is too little or too much

  4. PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome)

A healthy woman's menstruation should come every 27-30 days. Menstrual blood should be dark red, but not coagulated, and menstruation should last 4-6 days. What’s more, a healthy woman shouldn’t feel any discomfort before, during, or after menstruation.

According to the above criteria, many women have menstrual problems but usually don’t seek treatment if they are not suffering discomfort. However, abnormal menstruation indicates abnormal metabolism of the body. If a menstrual problem is not solved, other physical problems will also arise.

Dear ladies, please cherish your body. If you have menstrual problems, please come to TCM 5 Balance immediately. Frau Yang is very experienced in dealing with menstrual problems. She will be happy to help you.


Breast pain and lumps

   According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, milk is menstrual blood. Thus women do not menstruate when breastfeeding. Breast lumps are actually old milk. If a woman is usually in a bad mood, or if she takes too much Western medicine, or if she has menstruation problems, then her milk is unable to flow down to the uterus and become menstrual blood. As a result, some milk is deposited in the breasts, and after a long time, breast lumps are formed.

     Do you feel pain in your breasts before your period comes? Can you feel some small nodules in your breasts? If so, you should immediately come to TCM 5 Balance and let Doctor Yang to help you. Please don’t ignore this problem. If you don’t address these issues, they could progressively worsen over time.