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Treatment of Emotional Problems in TCM

Depression according to Chinese medicine

Do you feel that you have more pressure than you can bear? Do you feel depressed? Are you taking anti-depressants? Do you know why you are depressed?

In fact, many people who suffer from depression begin by having sleep-related problems, but often disregard the problem until it worsens, and find they have difficulty falling asleep. At this point, many people will begin taking sleeping pills to help them fall asleep. However, they probably don’t know that the side effects of sleeping pills are depression, hallucinations, and confusion. Thus, after taking sleeping pills over the long-term, people become increasingly depressed, and after being diagnosed with depression by their doctor they start taking anti-depressants

Can such medication solve the problem? No!

Anti-depressants also have side effects: fatigue, reduced sexual ability and desire, trouble falling asleep, and sometimes increased thoughts of suicide.

So, what can help depressed people?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)!

If you suffer from depression, please come to TCM 5Balance to let dr Yang help you.

From the TCM perspective, emotional health naturally arises from the smooth circulation of Qi and blood. The liver governs the transport and distribution of Qi throughout the body, and if the liver functions normally, then Qi and blood can flow smoothly. Under these conditions, the person’s mood will be happy and calm. On the contrary, once the liver fails to function normally, then Qi can no longer flow smoothly, and over time the person will feel anxious, depressed, or irritable.

Therefore, for any patient with depression who comes to TCM 5Balance, dr Yang will first treat your sleep-related problems and help improve your quality of sleep, then check the condition of your liver and liver meridian. For treatment, we can use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help restore the liver to its proper function. Once the 5 organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys) work properly and are balanced, you will sleep well and feel naturally at ease. 


Phobias according to Chinese medicine

The causes of phobia are complicated. According to TCM, phobia is usually related to the gallbladder, heart, and kidneys. People with phobia usually also have other symptoms, such as dizziness, poor sleep, or digestive problems, etc. Sometimes we need to treat phobia directly, while in others we only need to deal with certain symptoms and then the phobia will get better on its own, and eventually disappear. Regarding the treatment of phobia, Frau Yang has many successful medical cases for reference. 

Anxiety and Mood Disorders according to Chinese Medicine

Many modern people are anxious because of the stress of work or study. But some people are also anxious without work-related stress. For example, some women experience PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome). Before or during the menstrual period, their bodies will have uncomfortable symptoms, and their mood will become more restless. According to TCM, these are all due to problems with the liver and spleen.


Of course, TCM has good solutions for anxiety and mood disorders, especially for women with PMS.