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Swollen gums


  • An inflammation of upper gums with strong pain in the affected area and related headaches.

  • After unsatisfactory treatment with painkillers, the patient took Chinese herbal medicine and had a relief of symptomps within an hour.

  • On the next day, after a slight modification of the herbal formula, the patient experienced rapid improvement and the swelling was gone within an hour. 

2019.5.2    An Asian lady’s upper left gums had been inflamed for 3 days when she arrived.

She felt the pain especially in the evening, so she took painkiller (Ibuprofen) these 3 evenings.


On the first and second evening, the pain was relieved one hour after she took the painkiller. However, pain killer didn’t work the third evening so she decided to listen to my advice and take Chinese herbal medicine.


After she took Chinese herbal medicine, her pain was relieved in one hour and she slept better.

Why did she have this severe pain? We can see from the photo that her upper left gum is swollen. The swollen gum is as big as a soy bean.


When I touched the gum, it was hard.She felt a lot of pain and didn’t want anyone to touch her swollen gums even her left side of the face. She even felt that she had left-side headache and her tonsil was painful as well.


This is her upper left gum.



She told me that usually in the morning she felt much less pain from her upper left gums, but the pain would increase in the afternoon,especially around 9pm. I checked her carefully and added one more Chinese herbal medicine to my previous prescription.


Guess what happened?

10 minutes after she took the medicine,her severe pain was 90% gone. What’s more, her swollen gums also shrunk in one hour. She was super happy and surprised at this fast result.


Here is the photo (the gums have shrunken! )

This is how quickly and effectively dr Yang can treat your health problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive knowledge system that can address all kinds of ailments.

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