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Joint pain TCM treatment


  • Joint pain completely gone after one treatment and a course of herbal medicine

  • Swelling of fingers removed after four treatments

2016.12.10. This patient had red spots on her legs that wouldn’t heal for a long time. She went to see a “Hausarzt” general practitioner and was told that these were caused by insect bites.


Now she experiences joint pain in her hands, arms, and legs, especially after physical movement. I carefully checked her finger joints and found they were not red, but swollen and hot.

From the perspective of TCM, such inflammation is caused by an accumulation of wind and humidity in her joints. To correct this imbalance, I first used acupuncture to help the qi and blood flow smoothly in her body again. That will help reduce the pain. Then I used Chinese herbal medicine to remove the wind and humidity in her joints.

2017.1.7.  Her joint pain was gone but her fingers were still a little bit swollen. Continue with acupuncture and herbal therapy.

2017.1.20.  No joint pain and the swelling of her fingers is much better. Continue treatment.

2017.1.28.  No joint pain and her fingers have returned to normal.

207.2.4.  No joint pain and her fingers were fine.

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