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Skin problems


  • Girl with redness, dryness and itching of hands.

  • Quick improvement with Chinese herbal medicine within 4 days. 

2019.4.19   The patient is a 4 years old girl. She has skin problem almost one week. The back of her wrist is red ,dry and itchy,especially her right hand.

Here are the photos of her hands. 

After I checked her, I learned that her lung and intestine has too much heat, that caused has this problem. Because she is only 4 years old, of course, she is afraid of needles. So I immediately gave her the Chinese herbal medicine powder, she took one time before sleep and another time in the next morning.


2019.4.20   I checked her again and found her hands were already better.They look less red and no longer itchy.

I let her continue taking the herbal medicine powder. Also I asked her not to eat any diary food and cold food.


This is her right hand.Her right hand is 90% normal again,only her wrist near thumb side still a bit too dry.


This is her left hand.Her left hand is normal again.

She continued taking Chinese herbal medicine 1 day and her hands are both normal again.

Chinese medicine can safely and successfully treat children. Other methods outside of acupuncture are used with small kids, for example herbal medicine. 

Are you suffering from skin problems or allergies? Come to our clinic for a diagnosis and get lasting treatment.