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Fertility Treatment According to TCM

Are you eager to have your own children? Have you and your partner tried to conceive a child for a long time but still haven’t succeeded?  

Difficulty conceiving a child may be a man’s problem or a woman’s problem, or even both partners may have problems. I suggest that both husband and wife first consult with a hospital or clinic to learn more about their situation. 

If it’s the man’s problem, for example, there may be too little sperm or insufficient sperm motility. In TCM, this is regarded as a deficiency of the kidneys. We have very effective Chinese herbal medicines which can correct this deficiency of the kidneys. As long as you take this medicine as directed for a period of time, your sperm count will increase and sperm motility will improve. Moxibustion is also very helpful for this.

If it’s the woman’s problem, it is usually related to abnormal menstruation, or a phenomenon which TCM regards as coldness in the uterus. TCM believes that the uterus is just like the earth, or the soil: if the soil is too cold, it is difficult to grow plants. On the contrary, if the soil is warm, it is very easy to grow plants, so it is critical that we warm the uterus. To this end, we can use moxibustion and Chinese herbal medicine to warm the uterus. At the same time, the patient should avoid cold drinks and foods.

Dr Yang has successfully helped couples to conceive their own child.