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Help! I have hay fever!

According to statistics, more than one million people in Switzerland suffer from hay fever. Everybody knows hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen. According to modern medicine, people with allergies should avoid exposure to allergens. But as pollen is everywhere in spring, how can it be avoided? So far modern medicine has no effective treatment for Hay fever, and can only offer antihistamines. But antihistamines only control symptoms and can't really cure hay fever. So, what can people with hay fever do?

Try Traditional Chinese Medicine!

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Modern medicine theorizes that allergies are caused by an 'antigen' in pollen, animal hairs, and other substances. Doctors of Western medicine believe the body's immune system produces and releases antibodies in response to the foreign substances, and that the antibodies have a special attraction to the cells which line the nasal passages, eyelids, and internal organs. Western medicine then believes that when the antibodies attach to these cells, they release chemicals (histamine) which irritate tissues and produces symptoms of sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, and itchy eyes. You may be required to see an allergy specialist for skin and blood tests to identify which substances are causing the symptoms.

Treatment includes avoiding the substances (your pets, certain areas, etc.) which the tests identify. Antihistamines and decongestants are also prescribed to reduce the symptoms. In chronic or severe cases, steroids may be prescribed to counter the 'inflammation'. Other treatment options include allergy (desensitization) injections with the 'allergen' so the body's immune system can create antibodies to neutralize the production of antibodies. The allergy injection treatments can take up to 3 years to achieve 'desensitization'. Unfortunately, these treatments only control the symptoms, and do not solve the root of the problem, so allergy symptoms return season after season.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the cause of hay fever is excessive moisture and mucus in the lungs. When breathing, the lungs absorb tiny molecules in the air which then bind to this excessive mucus, and so the body will secrete even more mucus in order to exclude these foreign substances.

Coughing,sneezing,runny nose, and itchy eyes –these commonly called "allergic reactions" are actually not diseases per se, but are just some of the symptoms. As long as there is excessive mucus in the respiratory tract, these allergic reactions may occur at any time.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can exclude excess mucus from the lungs and strengthen the function of the spleen. When the function of the spleen is strong, the body will not produce too much mucus. At the same time, the human body’s immune system will be strengthened as well. Thus the fundamental reason causing pollinosis can be completely rooted out. Acupuncture can also further enhance the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.