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Hives and Tennis Elbow 


  • Significant improvement of the hives symptoms with herbal medicine and acupuncture after five treatments

  • Elbow pain completely gone after six treatments 


2016.9.24.  The patient is a tall man, around 50 years old. He is in good shape, and with his tanned skin he looks very athletic.


When he sat down, he told me that he had pain in his left elbow, and after taking high blood pressure medication, his body began to break out in hives every morning.


So, he decided to stop taking the high blood pressure medication one week ago. His hives appeared on his inner thighs and arms.


In TCM theory, the inner thighs are where the liver and kidney meridians pass, while the inner arms are where the heart and the pericardium meridians run. Hives in those areas showed that the high blood pressure medication had already damaged his liver, kidney, heart and pericardium meridians.


After examining his body, I gave him a prescription for Chinese herbal medicine. This included herbs to help restore the circulation of his liver qi, and others to help him excrete toxins through stool and urine.

I also performed acupuncture for his elbow pain. This was his first treatment.


2016.10.22. He felt his elbow has improved. His hives now happen every two days instead of every day. I continued giving him acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

2016.10.29. He told me that the hives no longer appear in the morning, but only in the evening, and even when they appear the affected area is not as large. This time I administered bloodletting therapy, acupuncture, and continued the herbal medicine.

2016.11.5 His elbow is much better after the last acupuncture session. His hives still appear every evening but are not as serious.

2016.11.19, same as 2016.11.5.

2016. 12.10. His elbow pain is completely gone after 6 acupuncture treatments. He told me that the hives still appear every evening between 7-9 pm. This is very important information, because the pericardium meridian predominates from 7 to 9pm. So, this time I added some herbal medicine to reduce the heat of pericardium.

2016.12.17.  Today, his response was “Amazing !!” He was ecstatic that his hives hadn’t reappeared for 5 days. I said “That’s great, so please don’t eat mango or seafood, because mango and seafood will increase the heat in your liver and lungs, which could make the hives break out again.” Of course, I continued giving him acupuncture and herbal therapy.

2017.1.21. His hives are much better, and now only rarely appear.

2017.2.4.   He ate some dry mango 2 days ago and the hives broke out again, but fortunately they were not too serious. I gave him a new prescription.

2017.3.4.  His hives have completely disappeared since the last treatment.