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Acid reflux and stomach pain

Successful treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acid reflux is very common in Switzerland. It is estimated that 20-30% of the population suffer from it. Many people take over-the-counter medicine to deal with the symptoms. The problem is that this kind of treatment only works short-term. 

If you experience acid reflux it means there is something wrong with your digestive system. To successfully treat the illness you need to address the underlying cause. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a natural and long-term solution to treatment of acid reflux and other digestive problems. 

Read a successful case study of a patient treated by therapist Yang. Our therapist has a lot of experience treating patients with digestive problems.


  • TCM treatment of acid reflux and stomach pain with acupuncture and herbal medicine

  • Noticeable reduction of acid reflux after one treatment and a few days of herbal medicine

  • Underlying cause of acid reflux and stomach pain resolved after about ten treatments

2016.10.15.  The patient is a middle-aged woman, a professionally active mother of three children. She told me that she has stomach problem due to taking magnesium antacids for a long time. She has Hyperacidity, sometimes called acid reflux, and in her case it has begun to affect her esophagus. I asked her to lie down and checked her whole abdomen. When I touched her stomach area, it felt a little bit hard underneath. Then I asked her some questions about her digestion, and was able to diagnose the underlying problem.


Her stomach is “too cold”!

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the function of the stomach is to digest food. Under normal conditions, the stomach Qi should flow downward with the movement of the digestive tract. But if the stomach is too cold, instead of flowing down properly, the stomach Qi could move upward instead, and lead to stomach acid reflux.

The best solution is acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

So, I first gave her a prescription for Chinese herbal medicine to take for seven days, and administered acupuncture.

2016.10.22.  The patient was very happy today. She told me after the initial acupuncture session and three or four days of Chinese herbal medicine, her acid reflux had noticeably diminished, and said that she was very satisfied with the treatment thus far. So, I again gave her acupuncture and continued the herbal therapy.

2016.10.29 , 2016.11.05.   Continue with the same treatment.

2016.11.12.  By now she has received nearly one month of TCM treatment. Her stomach pain is much better and now she only rarely experiences acid reflux. I asked her to pay more attention to the foods that trigger her digestive problems, and try to avoid eating them.

2016. 11.19. She told me that she attended a party last night and ate too much, and also drank a lot of alcohol. So today her stomach is again very uncomfortable. So, I again gave her acupuncture and an herbal prescription.

2016.12.3.  She is a good patient. Never once has she complained about the bitter taste of Chinese herbal medicine, and she finished her course of herbal treatment last week. She said that her stomach had no problems while taking Chinese herbal medicine, but after pausing the herbal therapy this week, her stomach was uncomfortable again. I told her not to worry, as the treatment was not yet complete. Just continue the treatments, and your stomach problem will be gone.

2016.12.7. Her stomach is much better. When I touched her stomach area today, the hard feeling underneath was already gone. That’s a good sign, as it means her stomach is no longer cold.

2017.2.24 , 2017.3.10, 2017.3.24.  Her stomach is always fine now, and after I checked her abdomen, I declared the end of treatment. I also taught her how to care for her stomach, because now that the underlying problem has been corrected, as long as her stomach and digestion are well-maintained, stomach problems and acid reflux will not recur.