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Pain Treatment According to TCM

Headache /Migraines

There are many factors that can trigger headaches. In TCM, there are 6 meridians run to the head. Any blockage of these meridians may cause headaches.


When a patient comes to TCM 5 Balance, Dr Yang will ask him or her where their headaches are felt (for example, forehead, sides, temples, and so on), and what circumstances accompany the onset of their headaches.


Also, dr Yang will carefully examine the patient’s body to find out what is causing headaches, for only after careful examination and diagnosis can we give the patient effective treatment.

Neck and shoulder pain
Back pain
Lower back pain
Hip pain
Knee Joint pain
Elbow pain
Heel pain
Rheumatoid arthritis/ arthritis

According to TCM, pain is always caused by the stagnation of Qi or blood. But what causes Qi and blood stasis? A good TCM therapist must be able to discover the cause and location of Qi and blood stagnation before he or she can implement an effective treatment. With the kinds of pain listed above, if it is acute, then Frau Yang usually needs only 1~3 treatment sessions to allow the patient to feel much better. If such pain is chronic, we suggest you combine acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy. In most cases you will feel much better after 3~5 treatment sessions.


Stomach ache

Stomach pains are usually caused by disorders of the internal organs, and frequently occur in people with bad eating habits. For example, they don’t eat regularly, or they sometimes eat too much and sometimes eat only a little; eating times and amounts are always changing. They may lie down soon after eating something, or often eat heavy and strongly flavored foods.


Treating stomachache is quite easy, and employs acupuncture to make the Qi of the stomach flow smoothly again, sometimes in combination with Chinese herbal medicine. Together with treatment, the patient has to improve their eating habits. Then after only a few weeks of treatment, persistent stomachache will be gone.

Abdominal pain

The causes of abdominal pain are often complicated. Abdominal pain can occur in many situations, such as intestinal colic, food poisoning, gallstones, or for women, complications of menstruation, etc. When a patient comes to our clinic, Frau Yang will carefully check his or her abdomen to find out what the problem is and give the appropriate treatment.
 If you are a woman and suffer from abdominal pain every month with menstruation, or if you experience abdominal pain from gallstones, or suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, please don't hesitate to come to TCM 5 Balance. Frau Yang can definitely help you.

Chest pain/Chest tightness

Chest pain is a warning that must be taken seriously. If you experience chest pain, you must pay attention to the following questions:


When does it usually happen?


Where is your chest pain? On the left side? The right side? Or in the middle?
Under what circumstances does your chest pain get worse? Under what circumstances is your chest pain alleviated?


There are many causes of chest pain, and most of them are related to the heart. The best way to treat chest pain is with acupuncture, moxibustion, and Chinese herbal medicine.