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Shoulder pain


  • 50-year-old patient with shoulder pain and limited mobility

  • Immediate treatment after an acupuncture session.

2017.1.20 A woman around 50 years old came to the clinic. She complained that she had shoulder pain and her arm couldn’t reach back.


After checking her meridians, I found that it was because her small intestine and San Jiao  meridians were blocked. The small intestine and San Jiao meridians both pass through the arms and shoulders, so if one of them is blocked, it could cause shoulder pain or limited activity.

Once the reason has been found, it is not difficult to treat it. I just inserted needles to the acupoints of small intestine, San Jiao and gallbladder meridians, after I took needles out again, her pain was all gone.

Why I also inserted needles to her gallbladder meridian? Because the problem of the San Jiao meridian can sometimes be cured from the gallbladder meridian.

Here is small intestine meridian                              Here Is San Jiao meridian.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic system. Our TCM doctor sees the connections between different functions of the body, something that many western medicine doctors fail to notice. 

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