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TCM for weight loss and joint pain


  • Joint pain in the whole body gone after two months of treatment with acupuncture and herbal medicine

  • Hot flashes and excessive sweating treated within two weeks from first visit

  • TCM helped her also for weight loss as she stopped feeling hungry all the time and could stick to her diet better

This patient came to the clinic complaining about joint pain (especially in her wrists). Since she works in retail it made it difficult for her to do her job.

She also wanted to try TCM for weight loss. She has been to different doctors to address this issue. Unfortunately, no diets worked as she had always felt hungry. If she didn’t eat every 1-2 hours, she had headaches.

We started TCM treatment on 7 November 2019, twice a week. The treatment consisted of acupuncture and herbal medicine and moxibustion for the joints.

Already on 25 November she reported about 30% improvement in her joint pain. Her hot flashes and sweating were also gone. She was very happy and continued with the treatment.

On 9 December she said all her joint pain was healed, except for a bit of pain in the right wrist.


We continued treatment and on her visit on 6 January 2020 she reported being free of joint pain (at the checkup on 20 January the positive effects of treatment continued).


Her stomach felt much better, she could stay hungry longer and continue with her diet. Her headaches were very rare.

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