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About us

TCM 5Balance GmbH

TCM 5 balance was founded by the therapist Jia-Zhen Yang.


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) emphasizes the balance between yin and yang, and the five elements. The five elements and their symbolic colors correspond to the five most important organs in the human body: green-liver, red-heart, yellow-spleen, white-lung, black-kidney.


If the five organs are in balance with each other, then people will be healthy. Our clinic is dedicated to helping patients achieve a balance of the five organs and restore health through personalized diagnosis and TCM treatments.

TCM therapist Jia-Zhen Yang is from Taiwan, and graduated from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


She has studied with many great TCM masters and learned an extensive repertoire of clinical skills from them. She has many years of experience treating a wide range of health conditions, from various internal diseases, to gynecological diseases, pain management, pediatrics, sleep disorders, and sports injuries.

Ms. JIA-ZHEN YANG’s EMR number (ZSR-Nr.): Q762962

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TCM 5Balance GmbH

Uetlibergstrasse 20, 8045 Zürich

044 817 10 00 (call anytime, if we cannot take the call, leave a message with your number and we will call you back)

How to reach us?

We are located in Zürich Wiedikon with excellent connection by public transport (11-15 minutes from Main Station)


With public transport


  • s4 from Zürich HB to the station Giesshübel and walk 350m in the direction of Manesseplatz.

  •  S10 from Zürich HB to the station Binz and walk 240m in the direction of Manesseplatz.


  • 72 bus to the stop Manesseplatz and walk 50 m.


With a car:

Turn at Manesseplatz into Uetlibergstrasse. Then immediately turn right into Hopfenstrasse. Here you will find access to the parking.